Casanova Restaurant reinvents itself.
Accustomed to welcoming about 220 customers from all over the world, in two mezzanines and in the central hall, it resizes the spaces to 60/70 covered to guarantee your and our safety.
Modern restaurant, located near the Vatican Walls and the nightlife of Rome (Milvio Bridge).
The place is sanitized daily and all the dining room and kitchen staff are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our pizza

Casanova Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in the area to have a real wood oven.
Located on sight, it gives our customers the opportunity to see the creation of a pizza.

Forno a legna Grimaldi

Ingredienti di alta qualità

Forno a legna


Via Rodi,18a


Call us at 0697843500
Whatsapp 3401259160

Opening hours 

 Lunedì -Sabato       18.00 -23.00 

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